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Lifehack: Pandora on the PS3!

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Okay that pic doesn’t look like much so let me explain.  Last night had some friends over and for living room music, instead of clumsily trying to connect my iPhone or streaming music from my laptop, I thought hmm let’s try Pandora on the PS3′s web browser.  Turns it out works flawlessly.  Quick tip though, in the browser menu, under the View option, turn the Resolution setting down to -2.  That will essentially zoom in on the Pandora flash UI to make it much more legible on your TV.

As usual Pandora served up some awesome music and it was fun to glance over and look at the track info.  Pandora would do well to make a PS3 specific UI.  Maybe even distribute it in the form of a cheap PSN download game?  That would enable Pandora to build a UI tailored to the PS3 controller.  Now that would be sweet…

Written by Rishi Khaitan

March 13th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

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